I’ve decided to explore blogging for four reasons.  First, every now and then I do feel like I have something to say that somebody else might think worth hearing.  Second, I’ve had a lifetime of people encouraging me to write; this blog, finally, is my answer to them.  Third, Facebook doesn’t cut it for writing anything but hyperinflated tweets.  If you’re willing to check out my blog, you probably have the attention span to absorb a more complete thought on a matter.  Last, one of the things I’ve discovered over the past two years (643 days, to be exact, and more on that later) is that creative production is THE ACT that delivers deep, soulful fulfillment–the thing that makes you feel most alive.

In other words, I’m blogging for the same reason most folks blog: to express myself.

I have no particular intentions with what I write about; I’m sure it will be pretty random.  Lots of navel gazing, I would imagine, but hopefully not too much and done in a reasonably engaging, and at times creative, fashion.

If I do end up writing about something you find controversial–let’s acknowledge I’m starting this with one  month to go in what will surely prove to be the infamous Presidential election of 2016–feel free to rip me, challenge me, or skip over it.  Again, no agenda on this end but to find a place to park my thoughts outside my own bean.

I’d love to know what you think–about the ideas and reflections involved, your own experiences related to the matter, or about the writing itself.

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